Double Deck Structure FAQs from Condit Exhibits


What size grid does the system work on?
5mx5m (16’x16′) is the rule, but we can work on anything in 500mm (18″) increments

What are standard deck sizes?
There are no standard sizes.  We can go from a 10′ deck up to 1000’+.  Any size and shape can be easily created.  We are often asked to create radiuses and severe angles.  If you can imagine it, we can create it.

What is the standard staircase size?
This is based on local rules; however the standard is 1200mm (45″)

Does the system work with and without a raised floor?  It does with both; however, when we do install a raised floor we go the height is 100mm (4″).

How do custom walls integrate into the system?
There are connection points every 500mm (18″).

What other standard features should I know?
We can do square or round posts, the decks can be painted any color, and there are no limits to the shapes and size.

What is the height from the floor to the deck? There are two standard heights although custom heights are easily accommodated. The height of a leg from the floor to the connection point is 2850mm (9.35′) or 2950mm (9.68′).

Does the system require a unique wall?
No. We use standard tradeshow walls built specifically to the design requirements.

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