temporary structures

The Space Building System by Condit, a Specialist Structures product and manufactured in the United Kingdom, is the most sophisticated temporary rental system on the market today. Developed for use in outdoor environments, the Space Building System redefines temporary structures and how your brand can be represented in a temporary space.

Using our rental structure, exhibit houses, exhibitors and event planners now have the ability to develop an extraordinary space in any environment. We’ve used our decade of experience working at outdoor tradeshow and events around the globe to successfully create and deliver environments.  Once unimaginable concepts are now easily designed and developed using this advanced rental system.

There are two types of temporary rental structures; those systems with fixed sizes and capabilities and The Space Building System by Condit which has virtually no limitations. Regardless of the weather conditions; rain, or shine, snow or sleet and winds up to 100 mph+, our structure can withstand intense weather conditions.

We offer the ability to provide complete turn-key services but we also work with exhibit and event providers all over the world so our supporting services are tailored to meet your needs.  The ability to create a unique space specific to your brand is unlimited and the Space Building System by Condit is the only option when it comes to creating the extraordinary.

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