temporary structures

When you need to create a temporary space that’s more than just ordinary, Condit delivers the most sophisticated temporary and semi-permanent systems and services on the market.

Our temporary and semi-permanent structures are now replacing the once prominent vinyl tent often seen at events. Whether your structure need is for a small or large space, a single day or 10 years, temporary and semi-permanent systems give you the ability to create a customized and functional space that represents the look and feel of a permanent building.

And it gets better! Our temporary structure systems are designed to be 90% reusable, and we’ve worked with organizations and experts all over the country to ensure items are handled in the most environmentally conscious manner possible.

Reusable and durable, our temporary structures are developed for use in every type of environment and climate, allowing you to create a stunning space wherever your event takes place. Our temporary and semi-permanent structures will last you 10 years if needed and the number of times they can be used is endless. Short-term rental, long-term lease, or outright purchase are all options.

We also provide all turnkey services on your structure and every aspect of project management. We not only provide the structure, but also offer complete custom wood and metal fabrication, logistical planning, and service coordination such as electrical and HVAC. Our team has experience delivering projects all over the globe, which is why our supporting services will meet your needs regardless of the structure size or location of your project.

We’ve built structures for the following:

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